Chlorotica: Brooke Johnson



Chlorotica: Brooke Johnson
Brooke could not be hotter or more seductive in this fun POV scene!  You come home to find that your roommate Brooke has found some chloroform in your room. At first, she expresses concern…but she’s strangely fascinated by it. While she teases you, she soaks the cloth and sniffs it.  She starts to feel sleepy…and horny. She opens her top and touches her breasts as she inhales the fumes. She gets so into it that her eyes flutter and she passes out. While she’s unconscious, you fondle her a bit and pull her pajama pants down. Brooke awakens and tells you how much she loved being unconscious. She strips naked and teases you some more while she breathes in the chloroform. Eventually, she passes out and falls limply onto a chair. About 7 minutes of outtakes are included.  It’s mostly footage from a second camera which gives you another angle on the action. 25 minutes. Scene #KOB0778

HD MP4 1920×1080 – 918MB

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