Chlorotica: Ashley Lane



Chlorotica: Ashley Lane
Ashley is incredibly cute and she’s very hot as she teases you in this exciting video which includes some POV shots. Ashley comes home from a party in a super-hot black dress. She tells you about the great time she had at a nightclub. She tells you she tried a new drug…chloroform…and described how she felt when she used it. She soaks a washcloth in the drug and holds it to her face. Her eyes roll and she becomes sleepy. Repeatedly, she holds the cloth to her face, breathing the fumes and writhing with pleasure. Finally, she holds it long enough to pass out. You touch Ashley while she’s asleep, moving her head and limbs around and caressing her body. Later, Ashley awakens and is turned on by the fact that you touched her. She takes off her dress, soaks the cloth again and breathes the fumes. Again, she rolls around, touching herself as her eyes roll and she gets more sleepy. She even stands up, takes a whiff and falls to the couch. Eventually, the fumes overcame her and she passes out. You touch her again, groping her luscious flesh and soft skin. When she awakens, you press the cloth to her face again. She resists and tries to fight. So you put a dust mask over her face and place the wash cloth in it, keeping Ashley in a semi-conscious state as the scene ends. Scene #KOB0665.

22 minutes. MP4 is 1920×1080

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