Chloroforming My Co-worker – Charlotte Stokely, Mary Jane Green



Chloroforming My Co-worker starring Charlotte Stokely and Mary Jane Green
Charlotte and Mary Jane give fine performances in this hot chloroform scene. Charlotte, looking lovely in short skirt, top, pantyhose and boots, talks to her friend on the phone. She says she is very upset because she noticed some money missing at work and she knows Mary Jane stole it. Charlotte is unaware that Mary Jane, also gorgeous in dress, hose and boots, is listening in. Mary Jane soaks a cloth with chloroform (she really soaks it, the liquid drips to the floor). When Charlotte gets up to leave, Mary Jane attacks her. She pushes Charlotte against a wall and chloroforms her from the front. With some great eye work, Charlotte passes out. Mary Jane holds up Charlotte’s limp body and moves around as if dancing with her. She tosses Charlotte on the couch. Charlotte awakens but only slightly and remains in a semi-conscious state. MJ questions her about the missing money but she just mumbles and rolls her eyes. MJ holds the chlora rag against Charlotte’s face several times and then pulls it away before she passes out. Finally, she knocks Charlotte out completely and drags her to the bedroom. She strips her helpless victim naked. When Charlotte starts to wake up, MJ grabs the pantyhose. She pulls them over Charlotte’s head and sticks the chloroform cloth under the pantyhose. Charlotte passes out. About 2 minutes of excellent outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB056619 minutes. 1280×640

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