Chloroformed Stepdaughter Fantasy – Diana Grace



Chloroformed Stepdaughter Fantasy starring Diana Grace
Beautiful Diana tries to get stepfather Tim to go to a club with her while her mom is out of town. He declines and she goes by herself. But, when she returns, Tim is waiting with a washcloth soaked in chloroform! He grabs Diana and knocks her unconscious. He lays her on the couch and starts fondling her hot body. Diana limp body is partially stripped. She awakens, groggy and confused…but she tells Tim how much she enjoyed being knocked out! She asks Tim to chloroform her again.  He happily holds the cloth to her face and pulls it away a few times. Finally, he chloroforms her into unconsciousness. Tim gropes his hot stepdaughter and even turns her face down so he can grab her luscious ass. When Diana wakes up, she tells Tim she wants him to knock her out again and starts to walk away. Tim grabs the cloth and chloroforms Diana again. The included outtakes are great. They include unused footage as well as alternate edits of 2 of the chloroformings. 24 minutes. Scene #KOB0779

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 – 900MB

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