Chloroformed Reporter – Ziva Fey and Diana Grace

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Chloroformed Reporter – Ziva Fey and Diana Grace
A hot chloroform story starring 2 excellent sleepy actresses! Reporter Ziva interview Diana about her model agency. When she inquires about some missing girls, Diana grabs her chloroform. She sneaks up on Ziva and clasps the cloth over her face. Ziva struggless hard. Then, her eyes flutter and she passes out. Diana toys with her limp victim then strips her down to her panties. When Ziva awakens, Diana tortures her with the chloro rag, applying it to her face and removing it repeatedly. Finally, she chloroforms her into unconsciousness. Diana calls some henchman and asks them to pick up Ziva and sell her.  Ziva wakes up and turns the tables on Diana, chloroforming her. Revenge is sweet as she strips Diana and plays with her luscious limp body. Diana gets the cloth again when she wakes up. The henchmen show up and Ziva gives them Diana! Some excellent outtakes are included! The scene is 31 minutes. The Photo set has 116 photos. 1920 x 1080.

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