Chloroformed Controlled Superheroines – Darby and Isabella Blue


Chloroformed Controlled Superheroines starring Darby and Isabella Blue
Isabella’s a fiery superheroine who gets chloroformed and handcuffed. When she comes to, her wrists and ankles are tightly secured in thick metal cuffs. Her attacker returns to explain her futile predicament and use her communicator to summon Isabellas superheroine companion, Darby. Darby responds to the fake distress signal, only to be chloroformed and enslaved in turn. The verbose evil-doer takes off Darbys top and gropes her hot pink tits. Darby’s then injected with mind control serum and ordered to chloroform the struggling Isabella. Darby, completely in a trance, fondles Isabellas sexy limp body. Then,┬áthe fondling continues until Isabella comes to and has to be chloroformed again. When she comes to a third time, Isabella has had enough. She chloroforms the robotic Darby and tries to make her escape…only to be chloroformed AGAIN by the sinister foe who has captured her. 17 minutes. Scene #SHKO0011
MP4 640×480

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