Chloroformed and Held Captive – Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon


Chloroformed and Held Captive starring Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon
Nina is in her kitchen drinking coffee when Mary Jane (looking incredible in tight leather skirt and top), creeps up behind her. MJ grabs Nina and holds a rag soaked in chloroform over her nose and mouth until she falls unconscious. After Nina goes limp, Mary Jane lays her out on the floor to play with her limbs and to make certain she is out cold. When Nina wakes up, she is terrified to find herself tied to the couch. Mary Jane enters and Nina pleads for release. MJ straddles Nina and gags her with duct tape and packing. She explains that she will be holding Nina captive at least a day or so until a package arrives for Nina, one which Mary Jane intends to intercept. Mary Jane fondles Nina, pulling her skirt up to scratch at her sheer tan nylons. She sucks on Ninas supple tits while Nina moans beneath the gag. Mary Jane tells Nina she needs to keep her unconscious and, despite Nina’s protests, she chloroforms her again. Mary Janes boss, Miss Chance arrives. She congratulates Mary Jane on a job well done and fixes her a drugged drink. As MJ starts getting tired and disoriented, Miss Chance tells her that she has been double crossed. MJ tries to fight the effects of the drug but it is impossible and she passes out. Later, Nina and Mary Jane are unconscious and tied up on the bed next to one another, their tits exposed. When they wake up, they attempt to escape, which of course results in lots of sexy moaning and stockinged toes trying to untie knots. Scene #KOTI0052
26 minutes. The photo set contains 81 photos. MP4 640×480

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