Chloroform Therapy – Jenna Noelle



Chloroform Therapy starring Jenna Noelle
Jenna looks incredible and gives an excellent performance in this exciting chloroform scene. She’s joined by Victor, the Chloroform Stalker, who is also great. Jenna gets dressed and is ready to go out but her friend cancels so she lies down and goes to sleep. The Stalker sneaks in and clasps a cloth over her face. Jenna struggles but then goes limp. After some fondling, the guy leaves. Jenna awakens and calls her friend to tell her about the weird dreams she’s been having where someone knocks her out. She decides to go to a therapist. At the therapist’s office, she describes her experiences to him. But, the therapist is the Stalker! He gives her some drugged water and she becomes very tired. She’s so tired that she can barely fight him off when he starts groping her. The Stalker puts a chloroform soaked cloth in a mask and knocks Jenna out with it. He gropes her some more. When Jenna awakens, she is confused. The therapist tells her she should come back for more therapy. Later, Jenna gets dressed again and goes to see the therapist. He tells her he wants to try a new treatment which involves holding his hand over her mouth. She resists so he chloroforms her. After some groping, Jenna wakes up and tries to call for help but she gets knocked out again. The creepy therapist takes off Jenna’s sweater and soaks the collar with chloroform. When Jenna awakens, she puts the sweater on and tries to leave but the Stalker grabs her and uses the collar to chloroform her. Then he carries her away. The excellent outtakes, which are not included, contain lots of alternate shots of the chloroformings. The Scene is 53 minutes, Outtakes are 11 minutes. The photo set has 157 photos. Scene #KOB0794

HD MP4 1920×1080

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