Chloroform Stalker in the House – Ava Sinclaire and Lola Anderson


Clip 1 Preview
Clip 2 Preview

Chloroform Stalker in the House starring Ava Sinclair and Lola Anderson
Two roommates are stalked and repeatedly knocked unconscious in this thrilling scene! If you happen to like Angora sweaters, you’ll love it even more! In Clip 1, Ava and Lola are excited about going out to a club. They get dressed in hot outfits, including some cute sweaters. Lola tells Ava that she’s worried about a guy who sent her a note saying he wants to chloroform the girls. When Lola leaves, the stalker appears and handbags her. He then applies a cloth to her face. Though she’s tiny, Ava struggles really hard. When the chloroform takes effect, her eyes flutter and she passes out in the guy’s arms. He carries her to a bed where he fondles her hot body. When Lola comes in, she is chloroformed, placed on the bed next to Ava and fondled. Ava awakens and groggily stagger out the door while the villain taunts her. He chloroforms her again and gropes her on the sofa. In Clip 2, Lola awakens and staggers out. Seeing her friend unconscious, she tries to wake her. But the stalker grabs her from behind and knocks her out. He gropes both girls for a while. Ava awakens again and tries to escape but she is chloroformed. While the bad guy drags her to the sofa, Lola wakes up. He chloroforms her and fondles both girls again. When they awaken, the groggy girls are ordered to chloroform each other. They reluctantly comply and apply the cloths to each other’s faces until they both pass out. The exciting outtakes, sold separately, include some great alternate takes of the chloro scenes and some shots of the models posing for photos and joking around on set. Scene #KOB0773

Clip 1 is 25 minutes. Clip 2 is 23 minutes, Outtakes are 12 minutes.
HD MP4 1920×1080
Clip 1 HD – 951mb
Clip 2 HD – 868mb
Outtakes – HD – 478mb

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