Chloroform Seduction – Celeste Star


Chloroform Seduction starring Celeste Star
Celeste is beautiful and seductive in this hot consensual scene. It’s boyfriend Tim’s birthday and Celeste has a special surprise…a bottle of chloroform. She wants Tim to indulge his fantasies (and hers!) by knocking her out. When he asks for a cloth, she hands him a pair of her pantyhose. Tim soaks the hose and chloroforms Celeste from the front. She fights a bit just for fun. Once unconscious, he plays with her lovely face, opening and closing her mouth and doing eye checks. When Celeste wakes up, she is really turned on. She asks Tim to knock her out again, this time from behind. Her eyes roll as the drug does its work. Tim holds Celeste and sways back and forth for a moment before sitting down and playing with her face again. He then carries her to a kitchen chair, sits her in it and plays with her head and face. Celeste is then moved to a coffee table with her head hanging off the end so Tim can move it around and play with her face. Celeste awakens and staggers away, fully expecting to be knocked out again. Tim comes up behind her and clasps the nylons over her face, knocking her out. Celeste is carried to the couch and stripped to her cute undies. After some more face play, Celeste wakes up and says she had a great time. As she walks away, Tim chloroforms her again. A few seconds of outtakes are included. 27 minutes. The photo set has 115 photos. MP4 1280×640

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