Chloroform Scarf – Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx



Chloroform Scarf starring Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx
Jolene and Diana are incredible in this unique knock out scene!  Diana has developed some software which simulates unusual situations. Spy Jolene visits her to find out more about it. Jolene wants to see simulations involving chloroform so Diana shows her 3 scenarios…

First, Diana applies for a job. Interviewer Jolene tells her there’s something on her face and tries to wipe it off with her colorful scarf. But the scarf is soaked in chloroform and Diana starts to get dizzy and tired. Diana stands up to get away from Jolene…but Jolene persists. Diana slides down to the floor and finally passes out. Jolene briefly plays with Diana’s limp limbs. When she awakens, Jolene knocks her out again.

Second, Diana is a saleswoman and Jolene is an angry customer. Diana calms Jolene down a little and soaks her colorful scarf in chloroform. She wraps it around Jolene’s face. Jolene fights to stay awake but her eyes roll back and she goes unconscious. Diana plays with Jolene’s limp limbs. When Jolene wakes up, Diana applies the chloroform again.

In the incredible third scenario, secret agent Jolene is asleep on her bed when agent Diana sneaks in. Diana soaks her thick scarf in chloroform and holds it a few inches from Jolene’s face.  Then she straddles Jolene and presses the scarf  over her face until she passes out. Diana strips Jolene to her panties and fondles her sensuously. When Jolene starts to wake up, Diana soaks the scarf in chloroform mixed with a truth serum and an aphrodisiac! She teases Jolene, groping her body while she applies the scarf and pulls it away.  Jolene moans with pleasure while Diana fondles her and questions her. Diana makes the mistake of turning her back on Jolene…who wakes up and soaks the scarf. She pulls the scarf around Diana’s face, knocking her out. Diana’s top is removed and Jolene torments her by applying and pulling away the scarf while fondling her. She questions Diana who moans with pleasure as she tries to resist. Finally she slips into unconsciousness.

The software simulation ends and Jolene is really excited about it. But when Diana turns her back, Jolene soaks the scarf and chloroforms her.

The excellent outtakes, which are not included with the scene, contain unused footage from the knock outs. There are also alternate edits of some of the chloroformings, which are a lot of fun. The scene is 39 minutes. The outtakes are 12 minutes. Scene #KOB0761

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 1.46GB
Outtakes – 437MB

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