Chloroform Photo Shoot – Chrissy Marie



Chloroform Photo Shoot starring Chrissy Marie
Chrissy is absolutely beautiful, cute as hell with stunning eyes and smile. She models in a pretty sun dress for lecherous photographer Tim. When Tim asks the innocent girl to do some lingerie shots, she’s irritated but continues the photo session. She changes clothes behind a screen, unaware that Tim is spying on her, quietly soaking a cloth in chloroform. When Chrissy returns, Tim sneaks up and clasps the cloth over her face. She struggles hard and, with some great eye rolling, she passes out in his arms. He picks her up and carries her in his arms for a few moments before placing her on a sofa and playing with her body a bit. He strips her naked and dresses her in some sexy lingerie. He puts her in suggestive poses and takes photos. He pulls her top down, exposing exquisite breasts. When Chrissy awakens and tries to stagger away, Tim chloroforms her again. Chrissy is stripped and dressed in a sexy bra and panty. She wakes up again but is so groggy that she doesn’t realize what’s happening. She stands and poses. Tim applies just enough chloroform to keep Chrissy semi-conscious while he takes more photos. He even gets her to take her bra off for him. Finally, he chloroforms her into unconsciousness. A few minutes of excellent outtakes, with lots of extra footage from the knock outs, are included. Scene #KOB0585
33 minutes. The photo set has 158 photos.

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