Chloroform Interrogation – Agatha Delicious


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Chloroform Interrogation starring Agatha Delicious
Agatha is sinister and sexy in this hot POV scene! She has you tied to a chair and wants some information. When you refuse to give it to her, she soaks a cloth in chloroform and holds it up to your face.  She continues to torture you with the cloth until everything goes black. When you wake up, she’s still sitting there, ready to torment you some more. She holds the cloth up to your face repeatedly while using her sexy, teasing voice to question and threaten you. You try to stay awake but, after a while, you pass out again. You awaken to find her even more insistent. She teases you and questions you while keeping you in a semi-conscious state. Finally she holds the cloth over your face until you pass out, having no idea what she will do to you while you’re unconscious. 17 minutes. Scene #KOB0769

HD MP4 1920×1080 (687MB)

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