Chloroform BFFs – Jazmin Luv, Percy Sires



Chloroform BFFs starring Jazmin Luv and Percy Sires
Two very cute girls knock each other out and enjoy each other’s bodies! Percy is a little surprised when her pal Jazmin comes on to her.  She’s even more surprised when Jazmin grabs her and clasps a cloth over her face. Percy struggles but soon goes limp. Jazmin drags her friend to the couch and starts groping and licking her body, giving special attention to her belly. When Percy awakens, she’s kind of turned on and the girls decide to continue.  They chloroform each other a few more times and each girl enjoys fondling the other. In the final scene, Percy douses her body with chloroform. Jazmin inhales the fumes and passes out. Percy fondles her for a bit then knocks herself out. The outtakes contain some bloopers but mostly it’s all the raw footage from all the chloroformings. The scene is 44 minutes.  The outtakes are 15 minutes. Scene #KOB0757
HD MP4 1920 x 1080
Scene – 1.6GB
Outtakes – 554MB

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