Chloro or Not – Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan


Chloro or Not Starring Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan
The girls look extra sexy in this hot scene! Celeste tells roommate Sam that she swiped some chloroform from her chemistry class and she wants to try it. The girls experiment with it, taking a few whiffs off a cloth. Their eyes roll back. Samantha decides it’s too dangerous and starts to walk away. Celeste grabs her from behind and clasps the cloth over her face. Samantha struggles hard. When she passes out, she and Celeste fall back onto the sofa. Celeste can hardly wait to molest her limp fried. She gropes Samantha, strips her and gropes her some more. Celeste strips to her pantyhose, licks Samantha’s nipples and kisses her unresponsive face. When Samantha wakes up, Celeste quickly soaks the cloth. In an incredible scene, she presses the cloth to Samantha’s face and presses her own face against the cloth! The girls pass out while locked in this unusual kiss. Scene #KOB0571
14 minutes. 1280×680

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