Chloro Ghost – Jackie Ashe and Genesis Skye


Chloro Ghost starring Jackie Ashe andamp; Genesis Skye

College cuties Jackie and Genesis hold a seance to try to reach the ghost of a notorious killer. The girls get more than they bargained for when Genesis is possessed by the evil spirit. She chloroforms the terrified Jackie then strips her down to her panties and fondles her luscious limp body. Later, Jackie is possessed and she pounces on the unsuspecting Genesis, slapping the rag over her face. Genesis fights the effects of the chloroform but her eyes roll back in her head and she falls back unconscious. Jackie strips Genesis to her panties and fondles her, squeezing her ass and sucking her nipples. Things get even weirder when the girls chloroform themselves and the ghost appears and plays with their limp bodies. He pulls off the girls’ panties and gropes them all over. He even sucks on their tits. The story is both fun and extremely hot. Scene #KOB0347

24 minutes. The photo set contains 218 photos. MP4 640×480

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