Chloro-Carrying Criminals – Miko Sinz and Celeste Star


Chloro-Carrying Criminals starring Miko Sinz and Celeste Star
Dave and Luke are two thieves who break into a rich mans estate looking for a safe full of gold coins. The rich man is out of town and has hired two incredibly sexy college girls, Celeste and Miko, to housesit. Miko enters the house and Luke sneaks up behind her with a chloroform soaked rag. When Miko is least expecting it, Luke grabs her and clasps the rag over her mouth and nostrils, forcing her to breathe in the fumes. After a struggle, Miko’s eyes flutter and go up into her head and she falls unconscious. Next, Celeste shows up and thinks Miko is just asleep. Dave sneaks up and chloroforms her. She struggles hard but grows weaker from the drug until, finally, she passes out. The villains leave the girls lying asleep next to one another on the couch, then search for the safe. While searching, they hear the girls waking up and stumbling around trying to remember what happened. The guys hide, waiting to pounce. When Miko and Celeste enter, they are chloroformed together–Dave attacks Celeste and Luke attacks Miko. After a good struggle, the girls pass out in the arms of the criminals. Dave carries Celeste over to the bed, while Luke carries Miko to another room. Luke carries an unconscious Miko over to the couch and slowly strips her nude. which of course is a sight to behold. He caresses her smooth legs, slender torso and supple tits. He sits behind her and pulls her close to him as he continues to explore her luscious naked body. The sleeping beauty is totally peaceful and unaware of what is happening. Meanwhile, in the other room, Celeste wakes up and is immediately chloroformed again by Dave. She is adorably powerless as she tries to resist the effects of the potent drug, which inevitably knocks her out cold. Later, Miko wakes up disoriented and starts clumsily walking around the house. Luke hides by the fireplace waiting for her to pass. When she does, he attacks her from behind, chloroforms her and drags her away. The two thieves decide this mission is more trouble than it is worth and they leave. Scene #KOB0276
17 minutes. The photo set contains 121 photos. MP4 640×480

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