Chloro-Carrying Cheerleader – Danielle Trixie and Celeste


Chloro-Carrying Cheerleader starring Danielle Trixie and Celeste Star
Celeste and Danielle are two of the cutest models ever and they look super-hot in this fun knock out scene. Celeste tells a friend on the phone that she wants to prevent Danielle from becoming homecoming queen at college. She got her chemistry teacher to give her some chloroform and she soaks a cloth in it. When Danielle comes home, the girls chat and, suddenly, Celeste pounces on her friend and clasps the cloth over her face. Danielle fights hard and Celeste has to straddle her to keep her under control. Eventually Danielle’s eyes roll back and she passes out. Celeste is thrilled and enjoys playing with Danielle’s limp body. She strips her naked and enthusiastically gropes her gorgeous tits. Danielle wakes up and Celeste knocks her out again. She sensuously fondles her and takes blackmail photos. Left alone, Danielle wakes up and is enraged. She soaks her own socks in chloroform and, when Celeste returns, she attacks her and pushes her to the couch where she clasps the socks over her face. Celeste puts up a fight but soon her eyes roll and she goes limp. Danielle strips off Celeste’s cheerleading uniform and gropes her perfect naked body. When Celeste wakes up, Danielle soaks her panties in chloroform and uses her socks to tie them around Celeste’s face. Celeste’s eyes roll back and she falls over unconscious on the couch. 20 minutes. The photos set contains 77 photos. MP4 1280×640

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