Chloro a Go Go – Samantha Ryan, Angie Savage and Mary Jane Green


Chloro a Go Go starring Samantha Ryan, Angie Savage and Mary Jane Green
Go go dancers Angie and Samantha, looking outrageously hot in shiny black pants, tops and heels, are called in to see club owner Mary Jane who tells them about an overseas job opportunity. Samantha is brought to another room for an interview but ends up chloroformed by Mary Jane instead. Angie comes in and finds her friend unconscious on the bed. Threatened by Mary Jane, Angie submits to having a chloroform-soaked cloth tied over her face. She passes out slowly while Mary Jane gloats. Mary Jane takes a moment to feel up her helpless victims. Later, the girls wake up securely bound, their mouths taped shut. Mary Jane informs them that they will be sold into slavery. Left alone, they struggle hard and eventually work themselves free. Angie goes to see if the coast is clear but she is grabbed by Mary Jane and chloroformed. When Samantha comes out, MJ threatens her. She forces her to undress Angie then to get undressed herself. Mary Jane ties a chloroform-soaked cloth over Samanthas face. In an awesome scene, Samantha’s eyes roll back in her head and she falls back unconscious. When the slave recruiter shows up, the girls are naked, bound and cloth-gagged. The guy negotiates a price with Mary Jane while the girls whimper in despair. Scene #KOTI0132
22 minutes. The photo set contains 140 photos. MP4 640×480

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