Chlor-otica: Karlie and Samantha – Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan



Chlor-otica: Karlie and Samantha starring Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan
The girls come home from a nightclub, looking hot as hell in tight club clothes. Karlie tells Samantha that a guy at the club gave her a cool new drug to try…chloroform! Samantha is skeptical but is happy to watch as Karlie soaks a cloth in the drug and holds it to her face. Karlie enjoys it and even gets turned on. Samantha tries it and finds herself equally excited. Karlie decides to go all the way. She holds the cloth to her face and breathes deeply. Samantha fondles and caresses Karlie’s body while her eyes roll and she slips into unconsciousness. Samantha decides to take advantage of the situation. She partially undresses Karlie and plays with her limp body and beautiful tits. While she molests her helpless friend, Samantha breathes in more of the chlora. When Karlie wakes up, she convinces Samantha to knock herself out too. Samantha holds the cloth to her face while Karlie fondles her. With eyes rolling, Samantha passes out. Needless to say, Karlie can not resist and she fondles and plays with her sexy, sleeping friend. She even uses her toes to pinch Samantha’s nipples. The girls then decide to knock each other out. They hold the clothes against each others faces. Fondling each others breasts, the girls fall unconscious next to each other. About a minute and a half of outtakes are included with the scene.
26 minutes. The photo set contains 120 photos. MP4 1280×640

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