Cheerleader Trouble – Celeste Star and Cali Logan


Cheerleader Trouble starring Celeste Star and Cali Logan
The girls look hot in their plaid school skirts in this fun hit on the head scene. Nice girl Cali asks her bitchy friend Celeste to let her be head cheerleader. Celeste says no and, as she walks away, Cali hits her on the head with a club, knocking her unconscious. Cali drags Celeste to the couch and plays with her limp body. She strips her naked and takes photos. When Cali leaves, Celeste wakes up and is really angry. Cali returns and Celeste sneaks up and clobbers her with the club. She drags Cali to the couch and toys with her body. She strips Cali to her panties, fondles her and takes photos. When the cheerleading coach shows up, he finds Cali unconscious and is very excited. Cali awakens and tries to stagger away but he smacks her on the head (twice), knocking her out cold. Celeste returns and the guy knocks her out with a blow to the head. He lives out his greatest fantasy by playing with the unconscious girls, posing them and taking photos. Scene #KOB0423
33 minutes. The photo set contains 88 photos. MP4 640×480

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