Charlotte Captured and Bound – Charlotte Stokely and Star Nine


Charlotte Captured and Bound starring Charlotte Stokely and Star Nine
There are some great chloroformings and bondage in this hot scene! Thieves Star and Tim break into Charlotte’s home, looking for some rare coins. When Charlotte returns and confronts Star, Tim sneaks up on her and clasps a cloth over her face. Star helps by holding Charlotte’s hands while Tim knocks her out. Charlotte is carried to the bedroom and placed on the bed. They hogtie Charlotte and gag her. Left alone, Charlotte struggles hard and eventually frees herself. She tries to call for help but the villains return and grab her. Again, Star restrains her while Tim clasps the cloth over her face. Charlotte struggles hard but then her eyes flutter and she goes limp. Star strips Charlotte and they tie her up again. When Charlotte awakens, Star questions her then gags her. Star leaves and Tim starts groping the terrified Charlotte. When Tim exits to take a phone call, Charlotte struggles like crazy and manages to free herself. Star returns and Charlotte grabs her. She pushes the cloth in Star’s face. Star fights but then her eyes roll back and she passes out. Charlotte ties her up then wakes her up. Star tries to reason with Charlotte but Charlotte gags her and leaves her there. When Tim returns, he’s shocked to find Star bound. Rather than releasing her, he taunts and gropes her. The outtakes include lots of unused footage from the chloro scenes as well as some bondage footage. The Special Edit contains only the chloroform and unconscious scenes from the clip. Scene #KOTI0231

MP4 1920×1080
The scene is 37 minutes. Outtakes are 6 minutes, the Special Edit is 15 minutes.


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