Charlotte Attacked and Groped – Charlotte Stokely


Charlotte Attacked and Groped starring Charlotte Stokely
Sweet, innocent Charlotte, looking lovely in plaid skirt and tight top, talks on the phone, oblivious to the fact that a vicious thug is stalking her. The guy sneaks up and clasps a rag over Charlotte’s face. She fights hard but the chloroform takes effect and, with eyes rolling, she passes out on the guys lap. The creep wastes no time – he immediately starts to fondle his lifeless victim, pushing her clothes aside to grope her smooth skin. Left alone, Charlotte wakes up and tries to regain her composure. But the guy returns and chloroforms her again. He picks her limp body up in his arms and carries her to a chair. This time, he pulls up her bra, pulls down her panties and gropes her intensely. Charlotte wakes up one more time and is quickly knocked out again. A very brief outtake is included at the end of this scene. Scene #KOB0366
9.5 minutes. The photo set contains 99 photos. MP4 640×480

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