Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 9


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 9 starring Charlie Laine

Entranced and Out Cold
Charlie is victimized by her two neighbors in this hot scene which combines hypnosis with knockouts. When the neighbors come to visit, one of them tells Charlie he can hypnotize her. She is skeptical but looks into the flashing light that the guy holds in front of her. The light and the guys soothing voice put Charlie in a deep trance. The two creeps decide to have some fun with Charlie and order her to walk around the room like a zombie and then to do some push-ups. Charlie is then ordered to stand still while one of the guys hits her on the head with a club, knocking her unconscious. The other guy picks Charlie up in his arms and holds her before placing her on the couch. The guys play with Charlies body before she wakes up, still in a trance. Charlie is ordered to stand in the middle of the room again while one of the guys clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth. Mesmerized, Charlie does not fight but her eyes roll and she passes out. The guys strip Charlie naked and run their filthy hands all over her smooth skin. She wakes up again, still entranced. This time, they snap her out of the trance. Charlie is furious to find herself naked but her protests are quickly silenced by a vicious blow to the head. Scene #KOB0372

Chloroformed and Clobbered in the Kitchen
Charlie hangs out at home in a hot little bikini, unaware that two vicious intruders have entered her house. When she least expects it, one of the guys attacks her and clasps a chloroform soaked rag over her face. Charlie fights hard and manages to break free. But the other guy catches her and holds her while she is chloroformed into unconsciousness. The guys carry Charlie over to the kitchen table where they sit her up and play with her. They have a good laugh when Charlie wakes up and tries to stagger away. But a swift blow to the head knocks her unconscious. The creeps tie Charlies hands and feet and remove her top. When she wakes up, still groggy, they stand her up and toss her back and forth between them. Finally she is knocked out again with a blow to the head. Scene #KOB0368

Do a Cheer, Then Collapse
College cheerleader Charlie enjoys some drinks with two unusually mature classmates. The guys encourage the slightly intoxicated Charlie to do a cheer for them and, while she is not looking, they drug her drink. Charlie finishes her drink, gets really tired and quickly falls asleep. The guys play with her a bit and, when she awakens, one of them reveals that he has some chloroform. Charlie tries to stagger away but she is grabbed and knocked out. One of the guys picks Charlie up in his arms and carries her to the couch where she is stripped to her cute white bra and panties. Awakening again, Charlie staggers a bit before being clobbered on the head with a club, sending her crashing to the floor. Scene #KOB0375

With Friends Like This
Looking cute in denim skirt, clingy top and bare feet, Charlie hangs out and drinks with two male friends, unaware that they have devious plans for her. While Charlie gets tipsy, one of the guys drugs her drink. She gets more and more tired yawning and rolling her eyes. When she gets up to leave, she doesn’t get far before passing out and crashing to the floor. One of the guys picks her up and holds her in his arms before placing her limp body on the couch. The guys play with Charlie’s body a bit and then strip her to her bra and panties. When Charlie awakens she tries to stagger away. But the guys follow her through the house, applying small doses of chloroform repeatedly. Finally one guy holds her while the other chloroforms her to unconsciousness, allowing her body to fall to the floor. Charlie wakes up tied to a chair in an unusual position. She struggles but can not get free. When the guys return they alternate applying short doses of chloroform and harsh blows to the head. Finally, she is chloroformed until she is unconscious. Scene #KOB0373

Detective Goes Down
Private detective Charlie, looking very cute in a plaid skirt, listens in on two criminals as they plan a heist. When she pulls a gun and tries to apprehend the guys, they rush her, disarm her and knock her unconscious with a blow to the head. One of them picks Charlie up and carries her over his shoulder to the bedroom where she is dumped on the bed. The guys play with Charlies limp body, then strip her naked and play with her some more. Charlie wakes up two more times and is struck and knocked out again. Charlie is tied to the bed with her legs spread and is tortured with chloroform–they apply the cloth and pull it away several times. Finally, they tie the rag to her face and gloat as she slowly passes out. Scene #KOB0378

Grabbed, Tied, Smacked
Charlie, looking cute in a denim skirt, falls asleep on her bed, unaware that two scary villains have entered the house. They grab Charlie, waking her up and she fights hard while they tie her hands and feet. Once she is securely bound, one guy cracks her in the head with a club, knocking her out cold. When Charlie awakens and finds herself alone, she tries to hop away. She gets pretty far before the guys return and knock her unconscious with another blow to the head. Charlie is untied and stripped naked so the lecherous burglars can fondle her body. When she awakens, they allow her to walk away a bit before knocking her in the head. Her body crashes to the floor. Scene #KOB0374

The outtakes feature unused footage of Charlie being knocked out. 69 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0029

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