Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 7


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 7 starring Charlie Laine

Mesmerized and Knocked Out Cheerleader
Tasty college cheerleader Charlie comes to visit her two neighbors and one of them tells her he has invented a light that can instantly hypnotize people. Charlie laughs but when she looks at the light , she quickly goes into a deep trance. The guys decide to mess with Charlie so they order her to become a kangaroo and then to dance the Macarena. Charlie complies without hesitation. Wanting a little more control over their subject, they hit her on the head with a club and she falls unconscious into one guys arms. He carries her to the couch and, before long, Charlie wakes up, still entranced. They command her to become a complete bitch. Charlie complies, insulting the guys and attempting to leave. But, another brutal smack on the head knocks her out and she falls into the guys arms once again. He carries her around a bit before dumping her on the bed and stripping her naked. One guy wants to try some more role-playing so he wakes Charlie up and orders her to think she is his wife and that she is leaving him. Charlie immediately turns into the bitchy wife and tries to leave. But she is hit on the head again and her limp body falls to the bed. Scene #KOB0376

Sleepy Drunk Bikini Chick
Looking great in a cute little bikini, Charlie thinks she is totally safe as she hangs out and drinks with her two male friends. She gets a little tipsy and does not notice when one of the guys drugs her drink. Before long, Charlie becomes very tired and, after plenty of yawning, she gets up to leave. As she staggers toward the door, one of the guys sneaks up on her with chloroform. He clasps the cloth over Charlie’s mouth and nose while the other guy holds her arms. With lots of eye rolling, Charlie passes out. The guys have a good time playing with her hot body and limbs lands. Later, she wakes up and tries to stagger away again but she is grabbed and chloroformed. Charlie wakes up one more time and tries to make a getaway. But the guys catch her. This time, they hold the cloth over her mouth for a long time but she still doesn’t pass out. So, they knock her out with a hard blow to the head. Scene #KOB0367

Wake Up Call
While Charlie lounges on her bed in a sexy blue bikini, too chlora-carrying criminals spy on her. Charlie falls asleep and the guys pounce on her. She immediately wakes up and fights as one of the guys holds her and the other places the chloroformed cloth over her face. With plenty of eye rolling, Charlie passes out. The guys spend a little time playing with her limp limbs and body before going off to rob the house. Later, Charlie wakes up and tries to leave. But the guys return and smack her in the head with a club, knocking her unconscious. One of the guys picks Charlie up and carries her for a moment before setting her lifeless body down on the bed. Charlie is stripped naked and tied up. When she wakes up, the guys are gone and she tries to hop to safety. She makes it all the way to the living room before being knocked out again by another vicious blow from the club. Scene #KOB0369

Small Time Detective
In this fun scene, Charlie plays a feisty private detective. But when she tries to arrest a well-known criminal, the guys henchman sneaks up and chloroforms her. Charlie struggles hard but soon her eyes roll and she passes out in the guys arms. The husky thug picks Charlie up in his arms and holds her for a second before placing her on the couch. The guys toy with Charlies body and one of them removes her shoes and socks to play with her feet. Left alone, Charlie wakes up and tries to stagger away. But she isknocked out with a blow to the head and dragged back to the couch where she is stripped naked. The guys tie Charlie up and fondle her body a bit. When she wakes up, still groggy, they taunt her. She tries to hop away but they grab her and push her back and forth between them. Charlie is struck on the head again and knocked unconscious. Scene #KOB0370

College Girl Cop
College girl Charlie, looking very cute in a plaid skirt and tight top, thinks she’s a detective. She sneaks into the house of some local criminals and finds some shocking evidence. Before she can get out of the house, two guys grab her and one of them gives her a vicious blow to the head knocking her unconscious. Dragged to the couch, Charlie is stripped naked and tied up. She wakes up and tries to hop away. But one of the guy holds her and Charlie has to watch in horror as the other guy douses a cloth with chloroform. The cruel villain holds the cloth against Charlies mouth a few times just to torture her before finally knocking her out for good. Charlie is dragged back to the couch and the guys play with her body some more. When she wakes up, they untie her and stand her up just long enough to knock her out again with a blow to the head. Scene #KOB0371

Cheer for the Detective
College cheerleader Charlie wants to be a detective so, when some girls disappear, she sneaks into a suspects house to look for evidence. She finds some photos of the missing girls and tries to flee quickly. But, a hulking villain hits her on the head with a club, knocking her to her knees. A second blow is needed to knock her out cold. The villain and his henchman carry Charlie away. She ends up tied to a chair and the creepy criminal removes her shoes and socks so he can play with her bare feet. When Charlie wakes up, the guy grabs one of her socks and soaks it in chloroform. She is quickly knocked out again with chloroform while she is still bound. When she awakens, she frees herself and tries to escape but is knocked out one more time with a savage blow to the head. Scene #KOB0377

75 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0027


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