Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 6


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 6 starring Charlie Laine
Another incredible collection of scenes in which adorable Charlie is chloroformed, drugged, hit on the head and endlessly tormented.

Cheering for Chloroform
Charlie is a college cheerleader collecting donations and, as usual, she knocks on the wrong door. Inside, two guys ask Charlie to hang out and have a drink. She foolishly accepts and, before long, the drugged drink they gave her starts to take effect. Charlie starts to fall asleep and the guys start groping her and undressing her before she is even unconscious. They strip her to her bra and panties and continue to toy with her as she gets up and tries to stagger away. Before she can get very far, they grab her and start pushing her back and forth between them. A blow to the head finally knocks Charlie out. The guys now play with her limp body and limbs. She wakes up but gets hit again. She is carried to the bed and her hands and feet are bound. When she awakens and tries to hop away, one bad guy applies a couple of small doses of chloroform, knocking her out again. Charlie awakens, gets untied and tries to escape but the guys chase her around the house, striking her on the head repeatedly. One guy holds her while the other applies a chloroform-soaked rag to her face. Then, one holds her while the other knocks her out cold with a swift blow to the head. The guys decide to let Charlie spend the night. Scene #KOB0298

Detective Dumb-ass
Charlie plays a not-too-bright private detective who gets more than she bargained for when she tries to arrest a master criminal. She storms into the guys house and confronts him, only to be clobbered over the head by the guys partner. Charlie crashes to the floor and both guys carry her to the couch where they play with her limp body like it is a rag doll. Charlie awakens and, still only semiconscious, tries to arrest her captors. But, she gets pistol-whipped and knocked out cold. Charlie is strong, though. She gets up again and tries to escape but the guys follow her, administering multiple blows to her head along the way. When one blow knocks her unconscious, the guys play with her some more, removing her shoes and indulging their foot fetishes. They sit Charlie up, manipulate her arms and pretend they are on a date with her. Charlie is carried to a bedroom, undressed (leaving her in just sexy black panties) and tied up. She awakens twice more and is knocked out, once with chloroform and once with…you guessed it…a blow to the head. Awakening again, Charlie frees herself and staggers around the house. They follow her, cruelly pummeling her head with the club. Charlie is pushed back and forth between the guys and is then knocked unconscious with a combination of chloroform and head hits. Scene #KOB0299

Those Guys Are Creepy
Two lonely guys get to spend some time with the girl next door…unfortunately for her, she is unconscious. Charlie, looking very cute in her bikini, comes to visit her neighbors, unaware of the sinister plans they have for her. When she gets up to leave, one guy grabs her from behind and knocks her out with chloroform. Charlie is carried to a bed where the guys take delight in playing with her lifeless body. She awakens twice, but blows to the head put her back to sleep. Awakening again, Charlie tries to escape but her captors grab her and play a game where they push her back and forth between them and take off her top. Then they crack her on the head, knocking her out. She awakens, tied to a chair and the cruel bastards take turns administering doses of chloroform and blows to the head. They untie Charlie so that she can stagger through the house. They follow her, striking her head repeatedly. Finally, one blow knocks her out cold.  Scene #KOB0300

Mesmerized for Unconsciousness
Charlie is hypnotized so that two intruders can fulfill their fantasies of unconsciousness in this unusual scene. Charlie is hanging out at home in her sexy shorts, top and bare feet, when the guys burst in and flash a hypnotic light in her face. Charlie is instantly entranced. When the guys realize that they can make Charlie do anything they want, they decide to knock her out repeatedly just to amuse themselves. One guy orders Charlie to stand still while he sneaks up behind her and knocks her out with a blow to the head. He then plays with her limp limbs. His next fantasy is to chloroform a girl. So, he orders Charlie to wash dishes. Then, he sneaks up behind her and clasps the cloth over her face. Although she is in a trance, Charlie struggles hard before the drug weakens her and she passes out. Charlie is carried to a chair so the guys can plan their next idea. They decide it would be fun to stalk Charlie so they wake her from the trance and let her run away. They follow her through the house, smacking her on the head many times. At one point, they push her back and forth between them, each time, hitting her again. When Charlie is unconscious, they carry her to a bed, strip her naked and tie her up. She awakens one more time, only to be knocked out cold with a savage blow to the head. Scene #KOB0301

 86 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0026

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