Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 5


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 5 starring Charlie Laine
Another great installment in the wildly popular series in which Charlie is knocked out and tormented repeatedly with chloroform, blows to the head, drugged drinks and knock out spray.

Run For Your Life, Charlie Laine!
Beautiful Charlie is hanging out at home in a jean skirt, cute top and bare feet, when a couple of creeps break in and attack her with a chloroform soaked rag. She breathes in the chemicals until she gets dizzy, but does not pass out until they follow her into the living room and clock her over the head with a blackjack. Once Charlies unconscious, they tie her up tightly and grope her perfect body and pretty feet. When she starts coming to, they untie her feet and give her a chance to make a run for it, but she is still too disoriented. She staggers around hopelessly for a minute before one of the goons whacks her with the blackjack and she falls to the floor. The carry her lifeless body over to the couch and flip her over to check out her hot ass and g-string. They manipulate her arms to make her smack her own ass, tits and pussy. They pretend she is masturbating. When she wakes up, there is more pain in store for her. She is chloroformed again, little by little so they can test her motor skills as she loses control of her body. Finally she is hit with the blackjack again. She falls to the floor and they tie her up. Then, one of them carries her off to her bed. After her limp body is toyed with some more, the villains leave her lying there while they raid her kitchen. She unties herself and tries to escape, but the goons catch her and chloroform her again. Her eyes dart around her head as she grows increasingly weary, but she is resistant to the drugs effects so they hit her with the blackjack again. Once she is unconscious, they carry her away. Scene #KOB0257

Bikini Blackout
Charlie looks totally hot relaxing on the couch in a red bikini. Two horny creeps break in and spray her in the face with a knock out drug. When that does not do the trick, they knock her out by hitting her over the head with a blackjack. Once she is out cold, they lay her out on the couch where they manipulate her limbs, rub her shapely feet and enjoy her lifeless company. Then, they lift her unconscious body up and sit her in a chair and tie her up. When Charlie awakens in the midst of being tied, they decide to untie her and give her a chance to try and escape. She is too dizzy to get to the door and does not seem to even know where she is going when she stumbles into her bedroom. Once she is in there, they hold a chloroformed cloth over her face until her eyes flutter and she is almost unconscious. To finish the job, they hit her over the head with the blackjack. She falls flat on the bed. The goons flip her onto her back and grope her limp body. She wakes up and tries to escape again. This time, she is pistol whipped over the head and she goes unconscious. The villains tie her up and carry her away with them. Scene #KOB0258

Silenced Cheers
Charlie is a sexy college cheerleader going door to door soliciting funds for new cheer uniforms. Neighborhood perv Steve answers the door invites her inside with evil intent. He goes to the kitchen and fetches her a drugged drink. She quickly starts growing dizzy and tired while he plays dumb. Finally, she falls back onto the couch, unconscious. When she comes to, she is still in a weakened state. She gets up and tries to walk around but can only stumble. The villain covers her face with a chloroform soaked cloth until her eyes flutter and she is knocked out again. When she wakes up, she is put to sleep again right away with a blackjack whack over the head. Steves accomplice shows up and they undress her down to her bra and panties, revealing more of her amazing body and her cute feet. When she wakes up, the guys knock her out again in a joint effort, passing her back and forth and alternating between a blackjack over the head and chloroform over her mouth. Once she is finally down, they take off her bra to expose her incredible tits, tie her up and carry her away with them. Scene #KOB0259

All American Knock Out
Superheroine All-American Girl (Charlie) is too hot for words in her flag-themed costume. She gets a distress call telling her that the evil Dr. Miracalo has escaped from prison again. She is just about to set out to stop him when he shows up at her house along with a henchman and some super-chloroform! Dr. Miracolo holds All-American Girl tight while his henchman covers her face with a chloroform soaked rag. Her eyes flutter as she gets dizzy. She puts up a good fight, breaking free from the villains several times. But she is finally finished off when Dr. Miracolo knocks her out by hitting her over the head with a blackjack. After manipulating her limbs for a while, they flip her over and check out her amazing ass. The henchman lifts her up to carry her off the their secret lair. She wakes up in his arms and he stands her up straight. They give her a chance to flee, but she is too disoriented from the chloroform. Dr. Miracolo hits her over the head repeatedly with his blackjack. She stumbles around the house until the henchman snatches her and chloras her until she is severely weakened. Then Dr. Miracalo finishes her off with the blackjack. She falls to the floor unconscious. All American Girl wakes up and tries to get away but is quickly put back to sleep with a blow to the head. They strip her down to her tiny panties. The henchman sniffs her boots and plays with her feet. When she wakes up again, she is tied to a chair. The henchman gives her several small doses of chloroform as she gradually succumbs to its effects. Then, Dr. Miracolo finishes the job by repeatedly pistol whipping her. She comes to and unties herself, but the villains are back before she has a chance to escape. Once more, she is knocked out using the the blackjack. The bad guys tie her up while she is unconscious, then carry her away with them. Scene #SHKO0021

80 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0025

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