Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 4


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 4 starring Charlie Laine
Another installment in the popular series in which Charlie endures tons of cruel knock outs.

Knock, Knock Knocking on Charlie’s Head
Charlie is feeling fine and looking incredible in shorts, top and bare feet. From out of nowhere, a deranged intruder shows up and turns her world upside down. The creep knocks her out repeatedly, his methods alternating between a chloroformed rag and a billy club. Charlie is struck on the head many, many times and chloroformed many times as well. The guy uses the chloroform to weaken Charlie, then hits her to knock her out cold. He binds his sweet and helpless victim with rope around her wrists and ankles and carries her off to the bedroom. Charlie wakes up to find him indulging his foot fetish by playing with her sexy feet. A few more knockouts later, he decides that he ought to lift her shirt and have himself a look at her tits before leaving her there unconscious. Charlies performance is incredible. Scene #KOB0216

Knocked Out Bikini Chick
If Charlie knew how tempting she looked in that bikini, maybe she would be more vigilant about locking her doors. A creep breaks in and decides to have some fun with her. First, he sprays her in the face with a powerful sedative. She is still awake but her motor skills are gone and she just wobbles around helplessly before crashing (very convincingly) to the floor. Once she is finally able to pick herself up, the guy shows up and pistol whips her over the head a bunch of times. Once she is out cold, he carries her to the dining room and ties her to a chair. When she comes to, he strike her with a club until she is unconscious. She wakes up again, unties herself and almost escapes. The villain is waiting for her in the living room with more of his knockout spray. He uses it to knock her out and reties her. From there he switches off between the spray and the club, knocking her out each time she wakes up. Finally, her carries her away over his shoulder. Scene #KOB0217

Knocked Out Cheerleader
Adorable college cheerleader Charlie shows up at the wrong door while raising money for charity. A twisted perv answers the door and invites her in, then gives her some drugged water and waits for her to get woozy and pass out. Once she is unconscious, he carries her to the couch for some foot rubbing and sniffing. He takes off her uniform and strips her down to her bra and panties. When she wakes up, he knocks her out again, this time with chloroform. When Charlie awakens, she finds herself tied up and the jerk whacks her over the head several times with a club until she is finally unconscious again. She wakes up and manages to untie herself and — he shows up and chloroforms her again! Charlies limp body is left sprawled on the floor. Scene #KOB0218

Can’t Keep Her Down
Superheroine babe Black Diamond shows up at the bad guys hideout looking to capture him once and for all. Too bad he is prepared. The villain sprays her with knockout spray and strips her nude, revealing both her incredible body and her secret identity. She wakes up tied to a chair and the scumbag tells her it is time for a knockout fest! The bad guy likes to vary his instruments of havoc, so he switches between knockout spray and a club. He repeatedly puts her back to sleep with a spray in the face or a blow to the head each time she wakes up. The villain has a weakness for feet so he plays with Diamonds while she is unconscious. When she wakes up again, he knocks her out with some chloroform to buy himself an extra bit of playtime. Scene #SHKO0020

72 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0024

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