Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 3


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 3 starring Charlie Laine
Poor Charlie endures the torture of countless blows to the head, chloroform, drugged drinks, bondage and foot massages in yet another installment of this popular series.

Knocked Out Bikini Babe
Charlie is having a few drinks with her guy friends. Sitting on the couch in a hot little bikini, she is feeling tipsy while she talks with them. By the time she realizes they put something in her drink, it is too late. When she tries to leave, one of them hits her on the head, but does not quite knock her out. She grabs her head in pain and he finishes her off with another swift blow. Once she is out cold, they carry her into the bedroom and tie her up tightly. She comes to, confused and bound, and the bastards knock her out again with another blow to the head. One of her captors appears to have a foot fetish – he rubs and sniffs her feet while the other guy fondles her hair and skin. Amazingly, she awakens again! This time they chloroform her to keep her out for awhile. When they leave to get some grub, she wakes up and tries to escape, but one of the guys comes back in time to catch her and knock her out with another blow to the head. Scene #KOB0128

Knock Out Practice
Charlies lounging in bed, wearing a sexy pink nightie and no panties. She falls asleep and two intruders break in and chloroform her. She puts up quite a struggle, so the guys knock her out with a swift blow to the head. They play with her inert body to make sure she is completely out. Every time she comes to, they chloroform and hit her again. It turns out they are trying to perfect their knock-out techniques, trying to use just the right amount of chloroform and hit her on the head with just the right force. Charlie is caught in a semi-conscious knock-out nightmare, continually chloroformed and hit until she does not know where she is or what is going on. Later, the brutes have knocked her out completely and tied her to a chair, where they partially strip and grope her. They knock her out again when she comes to. In fact, we can not even count the number of knock outs in this action-packed scene! Scene #KOB0130

Busted…Over the Head
Charlie is a girl detective who busts two pot-smoking criminals. But the guys get the upper hand and knock her out with a blow to the head. Once she is out they strip her clothes and shoes off. One of the creeps pervs out on her perfect little feet, while the other one ties her hands behind her back. They tie her ankles and then strip off the rest of her outfit. They fondle and manipulate her limp body until she comes to. She is antagonized by the two jerks for a bit before they hit her on the head again. This time when she comes to, she is alone and manages to escape her bonds. She staggers around the room, trying to put her clothes back on. Just when she tries to leave, she is caught and chloroformed. Scene #KOB0131

Sleep Jogger
Charlie, dressed in skimpy athletic gear, has just finished jogging. She comes home to stretch, not knowing that two guys are hiding behind her furniture. They creep out and chloroform the unsuspecting hottie. Once she is out, they pick her up and contort her limbs like she is jogging in the air. Next, they lay her down and fondle her lifeless body, stripping off her sexy work-out clothes in the process. When she comes to, they force her to drink a disgusting beverage that has been drugged. She resists, but they force it in her mouth. The nasty concoction takes awhile to work, and she staggers around the room before falling to the floor unconscious. When she comes around again, the guys toy with her for a minute before hitting her over the head. This time she is out cold, sprawled naked on the floor. Scene #KOB0132

Some outtakes conclude the video. 73 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0023

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