Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 2


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 2 starring Charlie Laine
Charlie is tortured relentlessly with chloroform, bondage and blows to the head in these 2 exciting scenes.

Gymnast in Jeopardy
Charlie is a gymnast who looks really cute in a blue leotard that rides her ass. She stretches her nimble legs and practices her cartwheels in her living room unaware that two creeps have broken into her house. One of the villains sneaks up behind Charlie and holds a chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth and nose. The other one hits her repeatedly with a club. Finally, she passes out. The villains carry her around for a minute, then they lay her on the floor and manipulate her lifeless limbs. They tie her ankles and wrists, then play with her pretty feet. Charlie wakes up and the bad guys tie her to a chair. They torture her with the chloroform, applying the cloth to her face and then removing it several times. Finally, she can stand no more and slips into unconsciousness. Charlie wakes up, finds herself alone and unties herself. She stumbles around for a minute, still disoriented, before the villains come back. They push her back and forth, teasing her for a bit. Then, she is struck with a club and knocked unconscious again. Scene #KOB0290

Sleepy Detective
Charlie is a sexy detective who likes to dress like a schoolgirl, and does not like to wear panties. Armed with a gun, she searches the villainous Mr. Wilkinsons home for evidence to bring him to justice. There are some nice upskirt shots of her bare ass and pussy as she snoops around. Wilkinson and another male accomplice show up and ambush Charlie. The accomplice uses a blackjack to knock her out with a blow to the head. After she crashes to the floor, the two creeps mess with Charlies unconscious body. They take off her blouse, socks and shoes, leaving her in bra and skirt. Wilkinsons accomplice indulges his fetish, massaging Charlies bare feet. They inject Charlie with a serum that will wake her up, but leave her disoriented. When Charlie wakes up, she is very groggy. They give her a minute to try and stand up, which she does, but not very well and not for very long. The accomplice holds a chloroform soaked cloth over Charlies nose and mouth, forcing her to breathe in the fumes until her eyes flutter and she goes unconscious again. He drags her to the couch and fondles her while Wilkinson massages her feet. Eventually, Charlie wakes up again. The accomplice knocks her out with the blackjack. The two men carry her to to the bedroom where they tie her up on the bed. She wakes up later, very dizzy, and attempts escape only to be chloroformed again. Scene #KOB0291

51 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0022

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