Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 1


Charlie’s Knock Out Adventures 1 starring Charlie Laine
Charlie gives a great performance in this collection of scenes in which she is repeatedly knocked out with chloroform and blows to the head.

Knock Out Training
Sexy Charlie looks really hot as a Karate instructor helping weirdo Steve brush up on his fighting skills. When Steve sends Charlie off to get him a glass of water, he doses hers with knock out drops. She comes back and takes a big gulp. Their lesson does not last too much longer, as Charlie begins to grow extremely disoriented. She yawns repeatedly and keeps sipping the water. Eventually, she realizes she has been drugged but it is too late. While she is stumbling around, trying to fight Steve, he clocks her over the head with a club and she hits the floor, out cold. Steve drags Charlie over to the couch where he has some fun with her unconscious body. He removes her cute white sneakers and socks to massage her pretty feet for a while. He decides to tie her ankles together. Charlie wakes up and realizes her predicament. She is still weary from the drug, and makes a feeble attempt to thwart Steve with karate. Laughing at her, Steve knocks her out with the club again, then carries her off to the bedroom. He lays her out on the bed and plays with her feet some more. Charlie wakes up again, and again she is struck and knocked out. She later wakes up tied to the bed spread eagle with her wrists tied together. She tells Steve she is going to kick his ass, so he unties her feet to give her a go at it. After briefly taunting Charlie, Steve knocks her out yet again, then starts tying her up. Scene #KOB0286

Knocked Out Beach Bunny
Bikini-clad Charlie just met Steve on the beach, and she is already back at his beach house! Steve is trying to get her drunk…and then some! He has drugged her wine. He tries to touch her feet, but she gets creeped out and will not allow it. So, he manhandles her and ties her ankles together. Charlie tries to resist, so Steve covers her nose and mouth with a chloroform soaked cloth. She inhales the fumes and grows very dizzy, then Steve clubs her over the head knocking her out cold. He carries her into the bedroom and plays with her pretty feet. She wakes up and is struck on the head and knocked out again. Steve indulges his foot fetish some more. The next time Charlie wakes up, Steve lets her get as far as the living room, where he chloroforms her. He carries her back to the bedroom and ties her on the bed with hands in front and legs apart. When she wakes up again, he chloroforms her. Scene #KOB0287

Knocked Out Jogger
Charlie, in a sports bra and spandex shorts, comes back from an evening jog. Perverted intruder Steve is at home waiting for her. He lunges out at her from his hiding place and holds a chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth and nose until her eyes grow heavy. He clubs her over the head and she falls unconscious. Steve removes Charlies shoes and socks, then carries her into the bedroom where he ties her up on the bed and massages her pretty feet. Charlie wakes up and starts fussing about, but Steve will not have it. He clubs her over the head, knocking her out. Then, he carries her over to the couch where he leaves her for a while. Charlie wakes up and unties herself. When she stands up, she is very dizzy. Steve shows up and chloroforms her, then clubs her and knocks her out. He carries her back to the bedroom where he fondles her some more. She wakes up only to be chloroformed, clubbed and knocked out again. Later, she wakes to find herself completely naked and tied to the bed. Steve continues to play with her feet. Before leaving her for good, he ties a chloroform soaked cloth over her face. Scene #KOB0288
70 minutes. Collection #PKKOB0021


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