Celeste, Sleepy in Satin 2 – Celeste Star



Sleepy in Satin 4 starring Celeste Star
Gorgeous Celeste is chloroformed in a variety of sexy satin outfits. The chloro cloths are also satin. The knock outs are a little shorter than usual. First, Celeste is asleep on her bed in shiny lingerie. Villain Tim comes in and watches her sleep for a while before soaking a cloth in chloroform. When he clasps the cloth against her face, Celeste wakes up and fight a bit before her eyes roll back and she passes out. Tim opens her top and gently plays with her limp body. He then ties her hands and feet. When she wakes up, he blindfolds her. She begs for him to release her but he taunts her with the cloth before knocking her unconscious. Then, Celeste, looking hot in a shiny skirt and blouse comes home and is quickly attacked by Tim. With the chloroform over her face, Celeste fights but the drug is too strong and she passes out. Tim carries her to the bed and strips her down to her lingerie. He ties her hands over her head and when she awakens, he chloroforms her again. A few outtakes are included. 21 minutes. The photo set has 91 photos. 1280×640

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