Caught Snooping – Eufrat and Mary Jane Green


Caught Snooping starring Eufrat and Mary Jane Green
Stunning eastern European model Eufrat is investigating criminal Mary Jane. MJ soaks a cloth, sneaks up and chloroforms her. Eufrat is dragged to the couch where Mary Jane fondles her perfect body and luscious tits. When Eufrat wakes up, MJ is ready with the cloth and she knocks her victim out again. Eufrat is then dragged to the bedroom. She awakens tightly bound, her mouth gagged with a shiny black cloth. Eufrat struggles as her body is fondled some more. Left alone, she struggles against her bonds but it is no use. Removing the shoes from her stockinged feet, she hops to the living room and almost escapes. But MJ sneaks up again and chloroforms her. This time, Eufrat is stripped to her pantyhose and her body is groped and manipulated. When she awakens, she finds herself bound to the bed with her legs spread. MJ fondles and gropes her some more. When she gets a call saying that her henchmen have arrived to pick up Eufrat, MJ soaks the cloth in chloroform and knocks Eufrat out while she is still bound. The outtakes include some great footage of Eufrat being knocked out and tied up as well as some great foot shots. Scene #KOTI0158 40 minutes. The outtakes are 9 minutes. The photo set contains 204 photos. MP4 640×480

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