Caught in a Bind – Stacy Burke and Sinn Sage


Caught in a Bind starring Stacy Burke and Sinn Sage
Stacy looks gorgeous and gives a fine performance as she once again gets herself stuck in a variety of bondage situations. Beautiful Sinn joins her for part of the story. Stacy chats with a friend on the phone, telling her about all the crazy things that happened to her this week. In flashbacks, we see what happened. In clip 1, Stacy decides to become a magician’s assistant. She puts on a hot leotard with sheer pantyhose and sexy boots. She wants to practice her escape artistry so she cuffs and straps herself up really well. She is not worried because she has the escape instructions nearby or so she thinks. Once she is completely secured, she struggles for a while. Then, she realizes that the instructions are in her car. She tries hard to work herself loose but she is stuck there. In clip 2, Stacy tells her friend that she kind of enjoyed being tied up. Stacy, looking very hot in a corset and boots, cuffs and straps herself up even tighter than before. She also straps a tight ball gag in her mouth. She enjoys struggling for a while but, when it is time to get free, she finds that she can not get to the handcuff keys. Then, the keys get knocked on the floor. Then she tries to use the phone but it does not work. Once again, Stacy is helpless. In clip 3, Stacy is hanging out at home when burglar Loren Chance shows up. Stacy tells Loren that she has lots of bondage equipment and begs Loren to bind and gag her rather than hurting her. Stacy is forced to strip to her bra and panties and Loren straps her up really tight, jamming a ball gag in her mouth to keep her quiet. Stacy struggles hard but it seems like she is stuck again. In clip 4, Stacy has just managed to free herself from a couple of the straps when her roommate Sinn shows up. Thinking that Stacy is just having some kinky fun, she toys with her and tightens the straps that Stacy had loosened! Sinn even opens her own shirt and teases Stacy, fondling her tits in the process. But, the burglar returns and soon both girls are in their sexy underwear, bound with rope and cuffs and tightly gagged. The burglar decides to play a little game. She puts the keys to Sinn’s cuffs in Stacys bra and vice versa. The girls struggle like crazy and even use their toes to try to retrieve the keys. Finally, after a serious bondage workout, they get free. Later, Stacy chats on the phone. She tells her friend to come over later and that she will leave the door unlocked. Stacy is already partially tied up. She then ties a vibrator against her crotch, finishes tying and gagging herself and enjoys her bondage. But, when her friend arrives, the door is locked and Stacy is caught in a bind again! The lengthy outtakes are a lot of fun. There are shots of Stacy being tied up, shots of Sinn and Stacy bound and joking around and an interview with Stacy. Scene #BG0478
MP4 640×480
The Full Scene is 64 minutes. Outtakes are 13 minutes. The photo set contains 193 photos.

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