Catsuit Chloroform Peril – Jolene Hexx


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Catsuit Chloroform Peril starring Jolene Hexx

Jolene looks incredible and gives a thrilling performance in this hot scene…with great carries by villainous Victor! Spy Jolene sneaks into Victor’s house, unaware that he’s waiting for her, cloth in hand. He grabs Jolene and clasps the cloth over her face. She struggles hard but the chloroform is too much for her. With some great eye fluttering, Jolene passes out.  She awakens tied to a post. The villain taunts her cruelly and questions her as he soaks a cloth.  He applies the cloth to Jolene’s face several times and pulls it away. The feisty spy refuses to give him any information. Finally, he holds the cloth to her face until she goes limp and sinks to the floor.  Later, Jolene awakens, frees herself from the pole and tries to escape. But evil Victor is waiting and chloroforms her again. He applies the cloth a few times before she finally falls unconscious to the floor. The villain picks her up like a doll and carries her off. Jolene awakens in a chair with her nemesis guarding her. He tortures her by applying the cloth a few more times. When Jolene passes out, Victor scoops her up in his arms and carries her away. The clip ends with a few minutes of excellent outtakes including different edits of some of the chloroformings. 20 minutes. Scene #KOB0771

HD MP4 1920×1080 782MB

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