Cat Burglar Captured and Bound – Jolene Hexx


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Cat Burglar Captured and Bound starring Jolene Hexx
Sexy thief Jolene made the mistake of robbing a gangster’s house. Now, she comes home from the beach (looking hot in her bikini) to find a burglar in her house. It’s the gangster’s henchman and he wants his boss’s stuff back! He ties Jolene to a chair and gags her with tape. Jolene has to sit there, humiliated while the guy threatens and taunts her. Left alone, Jolene struggles hard but it takes a long time to get loose. When she finally does, she wants revenge. After putting on her hot catsuit, she goes to the henchman’s house. But he catches her and Jolene ends up hogtied on a bed and gagged. After more cruel taunting, Jolene is left there struggling. With great effort she manages to free herself. But she gets caught again and ends up bound to a post and gagged with tape. The bad guy mocks her and leaves her there helpless.  Later, he returns to tell her that she’ll be working for him now…or else. The fun outtakes include shots of Jolene in the chair tie and joking around between takes. The scene is 31 minutes. Outtakes are 8.5 minutes. Scene #BG0867

HD MP4 1920×1080

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