Carrying Her Around – Odette Delacroix, Mary Jane Green



Carrying Her Around starring Odette Delacroix and Mary Jane Green
Odette is a great victim and Mary Jane is a cruel villain in this fun, exciting story. Petite, innocent Odette, looking cute in skirt, blouse and heels, comes to see her lawyer Mary Jane. She tells her that she doesn’t want to proceed with a lawsuit. MJ argues with her, knowing that the lawsuit will earn her lots of money. When Odette goes to the bathroom, MJ soaks a cloth in chloroform. She sneaks into the bathroom and grabs her unsuspecting client. Odette fights hard but then her eyes roll back in her head and she goes limp. MJ drags her to the couch. But another lawyer is coming over for a visit so MJ carries Odette in her arms to the bedroom and plops her limp body down on the bed. But the other lawyer tells MJ he wants to see her new bedroom set! MJ has no choice but to rush into the bedroom to move Odette. It just happens that Odette has awakened and is starting to stagger away when MJ bursts in. She pushes Odette against a wall and chloroforms her from the front. She carries her in her arms into the bathroom and sits her on the toilet. But the other lawyer wants to use the bathroom! So, MJ carries Odette over her shoulder back to the bed. Odette awakens so Mary Jane uses the cloth to knock her out again. She then strips her naked and carries her over her shoulder to the couch. A couple of minutes of excellent outtakes conclude the scene. They include alternate shots of the KO scenes. Scene #KOB0577

19 minutes. The photo set has 106 photos. 1280×680

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