Carrying Cali – Cali Logan


Carrying Cali starring Cali Logan
Cali looks incredibly cute and vulnerable as she is victimized by an especially creepy intruder in this chilling scene, which includes some great eye checks and face manipulation. Cali lounges on her couch in a sexy little nightie, unaware that she is being watched. When she goes to bed, the guy soaks a rag in chloroform. Entering her room, he watches her as she sleeps. Suddenly, he pulls the covers off her and, in a particularly intense scene, clasps the rag over her face. Cali fights like crazy but she is soon overcome by the fumes. The guy pulls the cloth away and fondles Cali’s body while she squirms in a semi-conscious state. Then, he reapplies the cloth, knocking her unconscious. Once she is out, he is free to play with her body as he pleases, which includes opening pulling her eyes and mouth open. While he is fondling her, Cali awakens and must be chloroformed again. He removes Cali’s nightie and carries her in his arms to the couch where he gropes her some more. He dresses her limp body in a skirt, blouse, stockings and heels. When Cali awakens, she staggers away. The villain follows her and applies a does of chloroform but does not knock her out. When he has had his fun, he uses the cloth to knock her out completely and then plays with her body a bit while standing. Carried over the guys shoulder, Cali is placed on the bed where she is stripped to just her stockings and groped some more. As the guy is dressing her in sexy lingerie, Cali awakens again and, though very drowsy, tries to get away. The creep has no problem catching her and he gropes her luscious tits as he chloroforms her. To taunt Cali, he removes the cloth for a moment and watches as she gasps for air. He tells her she is his forever and knocks her unconscious. Cali is carried out to an uncertain fate. Scene #KOB0417
44 minutes. The photo set contains 206 photos. MP4 640×480

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