Carried Off Into the Night – Ava Sinclaire


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Carried Off Into the Night starring Ava Sinclaire
Sexy Ava is in bed when villain Tim sneaks in. He clasps his hand over Ava’s mouth. He ties her up with rope and, despite her pleading, gags her with packing and tape. Ava is carried to a waiting car and placed in the back where she struggles until Tim drives away. Ava is brought to a remote location where she is tied to a post. The cruel thug tells Ava he will be getting a huge ransom from her family. He gropes her beautiful tits and body. When he gets his money, Tim leaves Ava tied to the post, gagged and blindfolded. The excellent Outtakes are mostly footage from a second camera. So you’ll get lots of alternate angles of the action. The scene is 22 minutes.  Outtakes are 14 minutes. Scene #BG0881

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 934MB
Outtakes – 550MB

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