Captured Spy in Peril – Rachel Adams


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Rachel plays a spy who is knocked out, carried tied up and interrogated by villain Victor! Rachel is snooping around when she’s caught by Victor who handgags her. Rachel fights him so he grabs her in a bearhug, lifting her feet off the ground. After some intense struggling, Rachel passes out. The villain carries her over his shoulder. When Rachel awakens, she is made to strip and is tied up and gagged on screen. Victor chloroforms her and carries her away over his shoulder. Rachel is tied to a chair and, when she awakens, she is questioned by Victor. He ballgags her, chloroforms her and carries her around. The unconscious Rachel is hogtied on a sofa. When she awakens, she struggles hard. Victor sets up a bomb and leaves. Rachel manages to hop to the bomb and disarm it. The excellent Outtakes contain unused shots and second camera footage from the knock outs, carries and bondage scenes, including a couple of hit on the head knock outs that are not in the Scene at all. The Scene is 35 minutes, Outtakes are 14 minutes. The Photo Set has 65 photos. Order the Package to get the Scene and Outtakes for one low price! Scene #KOTI0240

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