Captured Spies in Peril – Charlotte, Star, Tim



Captured Spies in Peril starring Charlotte Stokely, Star Nine and Tim Woodman
No one trusts anyone in this fun, sexy storyline video. Gorgeous spy Star lounges at home in black skirt, white blouse and black thi hi hose. Evil Charlotte (looking amazing in shiny black catsuit and boots) and her henchman Tim sneak in. Charlotte rudely orders Tim to subdue Star while she looks around. Doing as he’s told, Tim sneaks up on Star, cloth in hand. He attacks her but she breaks loose. He grabs her again and a struggle ensues. But then Star gets tired and goes limp. He takes a moment to grope his captive but Charlotte is enraged when she catches him. She orders him to restrain Star so he binds and gags her with duct tape. When Star awakens, she struggles hard. There are some nice shots of her stocking feet and her panties. She makes enough noise that Charlotte orders Tim to subdue her again. When he removes Star’s gag, she tries to convince him to betray Charlotte and let her go. Instead, he gags her again. Charlotte comes in and taunts the helpless Star. Star does plenty of great gag-talking. Eventually, Tim uses the cloth on Star while she is still bound and gagged. Tim and Charlotte search the house and Charlotte is so mean to Tim that he uses the cloth to capture her! Charlotte and Star both wake up in their underwear, tied back to back in chairs. Charlotte is very angry at Tim and threatens him while Star tries to be nice to him. It doesn’t help. He tapes their mouths and leaves them to struggle. Later, he returns with 2 cloths which he soaks in a substance and uses to subdue both girls at the same time. The outtakes feature behind-the-scenes footage from the clip, including extra footage of the girls being captured and tied up and joking around on set. Scene #KOTI0222
The scene is 36 minutes. The outtakes are 9 minutes. 1280×720.

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