Captured on Film – Charlie Laine, Karlie Montana, Loren Chance


Captured on Film starring Charlie Laine, Karlie Montana and Loren Chance
Charlie and Karlie have come to photographer Loren to get their university graduation pictures taken. But Loren has something else planned for the two hot, young co-eds. First, the photo sessions begins. Before long, Loren propositions the girls to do a bondage video and they reluctantly agree once they find out how outrageously she will pay them. But the only outrageous thing about the video is what she forces the two girls to do to each other once they are tied up and helpless to resist her lascivious intentions. She ties them up on the bed in their bras and panties and pretends to take some bondage footage. Then she adds more rope to their half-naked bodies and pulls down their bras and panties. The shocked girls struggle and protest, but they can not stop horny lesbian Loren from stripping them naked and groping their tasty tits. Next, Loren leaves the camera running and orders the girls to give her a hot girl-girl make out video if they ever want to be let go. Then, the girls struggle on the bed, trying to untie each other with their fingers and bare feet. In the attempt to get free, their bodies rub together, first their gorgeous asses and then their perfect tits. Soon they realize that the only way out of this predicament is to do what Loren wants. The girls start to make out. They are shy and creeped out at first, but then they really get into it. They kiss, rub their tits together, suck each others nipples, and press their sweet little bodies together. In the end, Loren decides to keep them as her prisoners so she can make more sexy lesbian videos whenever she wants. She gags the girls with red tape and leaves them alone, pissed off and struggling. Scene #BG0142
23 minutes. MP4 640×480

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