Captured in a Catsuit – Diana Grace, Jolene Hexx



Captured in a Catsuit starring Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx

Diana is a superheroine…or a spy or thief or something. Whatever she is, she looks amazing in her shiny black catsuit. While she’s snooping around, sleeping gas starts rising from the floor.  Diana fights the effects as much as she can but they are too strong for her and she passes out on the floor. Evil Jolene, looking incredible in spandex also, enters and fondles the limp Diana. She opens the catsuit and gropes Diana sensuously. When Diana awakens, Jolene grabs her and gives her an injection in the neck. Diana fights briefly but then goes limp and is dragged to the bedroom for more groping and body manipulation. Awakening again, Diana is hit on the head and dragged to the bedroom for further groping fun. Later, Jolene sprays knock out gas in Diana’s face, causing her to pass out. Jolene places Diana on a kitchen counter for more limp play. She strips Diana naked and gives her a final fondle before leaving her there.  The clip includes about 8 minutes of excellent outtakes which are mostly alternate takes of the knock outs.  41 minutes. Scene #KOB0758

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 – 1.6GB

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