Captured for Torture – Celeste Star and Loren Chance


Captured for Torture starring Celeste Star and Loren ChanceStunning Celeste is a perfect terrorized victim in this hot scene. First, she goes to an acting audition run by evil Loren, who quickly gives Celeste a drugged drink. Looking incredible in a shiny, tight, super-short dress, Celeste tries to act out a scene but the drug takes effect, she becomes sleepy and she passes out. When she awakens, she is securely bound and Loren is taunting her. Loren gags Celeste with cloth packing and an elastic bandage. Then, she fondles her helpless victims tits and body. She even stands her up so she can fondle her tasty ass. Loren cruelly torments the terrified actress by telling her that perverted Dave will be coming soon to torture her. Left alone, Celeste struggles hard but can not get free. She removes her shoes, giving you some great barefoot shots while she struggles.Then, Celeste, now stripped down to just her tiny, lacy lingerie is brought in on a leash. Her hands are bound and she wears a ballgag. Again, Loren torments her, fondling her luscious body and smacking her ass with a crop. Celeste ends up tied to a chair. Dave arrives and begins some torment of his own. In a creepy scene, he toys with Celeste’s body and threatens her with the flame of a lighter, bringing the flame frighteningly close to her nipples. He smacks her with a riding crop. Celeste whimpers and pleads for mercy through her tight gag. Dave removes the gag and Celeste convinces him that she loves him and will run off with him. Dave unties her but she does not keep her promise. The story comes to a startling conclusion! The outtakes feature some shots of Loren binding Celeste. Scene #BG0440
33 minutes. The outtakes are 5.5 minutes. The photo set contains 92 photos. MP4 640×480

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