Captured Cop – Celeste Star, Charlotte Stokely



Captured Cop starring Celeste Star and Charlotte Stokely
Sexy policewoman Celeste pays a visit to pharmacy employee Charlotte to confront her about some missing drugs. When Charlotte goes to get her ID, she actually soaks a cloth in chloroform and sneaks up on the unsuspecting cop. She clasps the cloth over Celeste’s face. With some great eye-rolling, Celeste passes out. Charlotte plops her victim down on the couch and gets to work stripping and fondling her. It’s extremely erotic. Charlotte soaks Celeste’s nylons in chloro and uses them to knock her out when she awakens. After some more sexy groping, Celeste awakens. This time, Charlotte ties the pantyhose over her face, knocking her out cold. About a minute of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0573
18 minutes. 1280×680

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