Captured By the Chloroform Stalker – Anastasia Rose


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Captured By the Chloroform Stalker starring Anastasia Rose
Sexy Anastasia is knocked out repeatedly, carried and fondled by villainous Victor in these 3 extremely hot clips!

In Clip 1, Anastasia talks on the phone, telling her friend that she knows martial arts and she’s not worried about the Chloroform Stalker. The Stalker, who is hiding in the house, laughs when he hears this. He sneaks up on Anastasia and chloroforms her. She fights hard but, with some great eye rolling, she passes out. Victor gropes his helpless victim, playing with her limp body. He strips her for some more intimate groping. When Anastasia awakens, she tries to stagger away but the Stalker knocks her out again and carries her away. 20 minutes. 867MB. About 5 minutes of outtakes are included.

In Clip 2, Anastasia tells her friend on the phone that she passed out and woke up naked. She thinks she may have been the Stalker’s latest victim. When she hangs up, she finds herself face to face with the villain. She fights very hard when he chloroforms her, kicking her legs up in the air. Anastasia is carried to a sofa where she is groped and stripped. When she awakens, she tries to fight the Stalker off but he knocks her out again and carries her off. 19 minutes. 825MB. About 3 minutes of outtakes are included.

In Clip 3, Anastasia is again on the phone, unaware that the Stalker is sneaking up on her. He tries to chloroform her but she breaks free and runs into the kitchen. He chloroforms her to unconsciousness and puts her on the kitchen counter. There’s lots of great groping and body manipulation. Then, the villain carries her away in his arms. 14 minutes. 600MB. A few minutes of outtakes are included.

All the outtakes include great alternate shots of the knock outs. Scene #KOB0784

HD MP4 1920 x 1080

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