Captured, Bound, Tormented – Ariel Anderssen and Darby


Captured, Bound, Tormented starring Ariel Anderssen and Darby
The trouble starts when Ariel and Darby get four suspicious flat tires and go to the only house in sight for help. First, the distressed girls knock on the door and fall into the sinister clutches of two bondage-minded creeps. First, Darby is chloroformed in the bathroom, and then Ariel is chloroformed in the living room. When the captured girls wake up, they are bound fiercely on the bed. They struggle to free each other and talk about possible ways to escape. Ariels long legs and perfect ass look amazing in her white, lacy panties. Suddenly, the girls notice a pile of menacing bondage gear on the floor beside the bed.Then, the girls plead to be let go as the two nasty assailants grope their vulnerable, luscious bodies and terrorize them. When their pleading becomes annoying, the guys pack their mouths with cloth and gag them, leaving them to struggle and whimper. Then, the cruel bastards untie the girls hands and order them to strip each other. Every time they resist undressing or cover their naked bodies in shame, the captors get meaner. The scared and pleading Ariel is bound naked on the couch. She is tape-gagged and abused by her personal captor, Steve, who spanks and manhandles her after putting clamps on her nipples.  Darby gets some painful and humiliating attention of her own. Jack ties her naked to a chair, tape-gags her, and gropes her hot pink flesh. He torments her with a riding crop, and nipple clamps. Later, the two girls are tied and gagged, dressed in sexy lingerie. The two creeps spank and fondle them relentlessly before stripping them and forcing them to parade around the room, naked and humiliated. Then, they are forced to rub their bodies against each other, pressing their sweet tits and asses together and kissing through their gags. The scene ends with them stuffed in their new home, a small dark closet. The lengthy outtakes feature lots of behind the scenes footage of Jack tying Darby and Ariel.  Scene #BG0120
MP4 640×480
52 minutes. The outtakes are 18 minutes. The photo set contains 128 photos.

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