Captured and Tormented – Anastasia Pierce and Amber Michaels


Captured and Tormented starring Anastasia Pierce and Amber Michaels
Sexy kidnapper Anastasia pursues her prey, hot blonde Amber, up a winding staircase and chloroforms her. Amber resists until she is completely overpowered by the powerful fumes. Her eyes grow heavy and she passes out into Anastasias arms. Anastasia drags her lifeless body away. Amber awakens tied to a pillar still in her hot black skirt and clingy top. Anastasia returns and gags her victim with cloth. Amber is then tormented, fondled and abused by her cruel captor. Anastasia pulls up Ambers top, pulls down her sexy black lace bra to expose and grope her enormous tits. Then she yanks down Ambers skirt to check out her matching black lace panties. Anastasia wants a big ransom from Ambers husband and she takes photos of Amber’s torment to send to him. When Ambers husband does not pay the ransom, Amber finds herself stripped, bound and ballgagged in an uncomfortable and humiliating position. She is standing topless, with her hands tied behind her back and strung from the ceiling. Anastasia fondles her luscious tits and gropes her supple ass. The ball gag is really big for Ambers mouth, so she drools a lot which is humiliating and sexy. Anastasia pulls Ambers panties down to expose her luscious ass. After taking some more photos of Amber, Anastasia leaves her there to suffer. Amber is tied with her knees buckled under her and tied together, and her arms tied behind her back and strung from the ceiling. In this position, she has no choice but to squat on the cold floor, naked. Anastasia continues to fondle and torment her helpless prisoner, groping her and playing with her tits. Amber tries to plead with Anastasia to let her go. Anastasia responds by gagging her with red tape and taking more photos. Anastasia pets her captive, gropes her tits and, in general, treats her more like an animal or a plaything than a human being. Scene #BG0384

MP4 640×480 33 minutes. The photo set contains 125 photos.

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