Captives in Club Clothes – Danielle Trixie and Celeste Star


Captives in Club Clothes starring Danielle Trixie and Celeste Star
Celeste and Danielle look incredible and give fine performances in this hot damsel in distress scene. Celeste come home from a nightclub in shiny leggings, sexy top and heels and is quickly grabbed and dragged off to the bedroom. When Danielle comes home, in tight min-dress, pantyhose and heels, she meets the same fate. In the bedroom, the girls are threatened by the burglar. When he leaves, the talk about how scared they are of what will happen…will he tie them up? Gag them? The creep returns and the girls find themselves tightly bound together back to back. They beg not to be gagged but the villain packs their mouths and tapes their lips shut. The girls struggle hard and, with great effort, manage to untie the rope that ties them together. They squirm around on the bed trying to get free but all they are able to do is take their shoes off. They try to use their toes to untie each other and even to get their gags off but it is useless. They hop all the way into the next room but their cruel captor grabs them. Danielle and Celeste end up naked, bound with their arms over their heads, gagged with cloth. The lecherous villain ties them together face to face and leaves them there. The girls struggle hard (rubbing their exquisite tits together as they do) but soon realize they will be stuck there for a long time. A minute of outtakes are included with the scene. 21 minutes. Scene #BG0692 
1280×680 MP4

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