Captive P.I. – Cory Lane and Jewell Marceau


Captive P.I. starring Cory Lane and Jewell Marceau
Cory plays a private detective who goes to a warehouse to investigate Jewell’s criminal activity. Cory, looking incredible in red leather pants, sexy top and boots, is captured by Jewell at gunpoint. She soon finds herself tied with rope and silenced with a black cleave gag. Jewell taunts Cory for a while, groping her luscious tits and caressing her leather-clad legs. Then, she leaves her there to suffer for a while. After much moaning, fussing and tumbling about in her bondage, Cory sees a sharp object and squirms across the floor in an attempt to free herself. But not so fast – Jewell is back and she is the one with the gun! Cory, now topless and barefoot, is bound to a chair and blindfolded. Jewell removes the blindfold to show Cory her peril…there are electrodes attached to her nipples and her toes!! Jewell gags Cory with her own sock and some duct tape. Cory struggles wildly as Jewell send electric shocks through her body. Cory is bound fully nude to a ladder. Jewell plays with her helpless victim, fondling her breasts and licking her all over her body. Cory cries out from beneath her cloth gag. Jewell leaves Cory for a while and Cory escapes her bondage. Cory exacts her cruel revenge. First she captures Jewell by ringing a rope around her neck. Then, Jewell is bound to a chair in a horribly uncomfortable position, literally bent over backwards. She must endure the humiliation of being fondled and licked by Cory. The excellent outtakes feature lots of shots of the girls being bound as well as alternate takes and bloopers. Scene #BG0327
42 minutes. The outtakes are 11 minutes. The photo set has 104 photos. MP4 640×480

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